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IKILLYA :: IndieGoGo Campaign for New Album


Last summer we flew to New York City to hang out with our good friend Jason Lekberg in the band IKILLYA and had the opportunity to shoot some new promo photos for the guys. I have worked with Jason on numerous occasions shooting promo material for some of the artists he works with, so it was awesome to finally shoot his own band! They are some of the coolest guys to work with and have become good friends of ours over the past year.

For those not familiar with IKILLYA, they are a pummeling street metal band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. I think this review from Dom Lawson at Metal Hammer pretty much sums up their debut album Recon.. “Like Devildriver soundtracking a street brawl, it’s eight songs of guttural agression and no-nonsense neck-snapping guitars. As startling and destructive as a beer bottle to the back of the skull. 8/10

IKILLYA recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the recording and marketing of their sophomore album, Vae Victis. If you’re a metalhead like me, I urge you to check out their music and give these guys some love to help support the upcoming album! They have some rad incentives too..



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