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MENTORING :: Shooting Personal Work with Olek


Last month I did my first mentoring session for a photographer and spent two days extensively going through my work, answering a laundry list of questions about lighting, post-production and spent a full day of shooting in-studio. Olek made the long trip from Zurich, Switzerland to Appleton, WI to spend time re-evaluating the mechanics of his work and essentially recharging his creative batteries. This was Olek’s second time making the trip to WI and I’m glad he got to work with me one-on-one over the course of two days.

Meet Olek:



Working with me one-on-one, as opposed to a workshop setting with 10 or more students, basically allowed Olek to ask unlimited questions and get down to the core of the learning process. Coupled with that was the ability for him to work hands-on with me as I shot a full day of personal work. On the second day of his mentorship, we brought in four models and a stylist to shoot a number of lighting set-ups and scenarios, in which he was able to shoot along with me, make some of his own creative decisions and get on-the-fly critique. I look forward to following-up with Olek over the next year to both watch his growth and continue to guide him in his creative journey.

Although I don’t specifically market these mentorships to other photographers, I hopefully plan on doing more of these in the future! Below are some of the final shots and set-ups we worked with during the day.

Stylist: Andrea Mussatto
Models: Caitlin Tooley, Estelle Fox, Maegan Krupp, Melissa Cotterill, Andrea Mussatto














  1. Posted 5 Jun ’13 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    I will walk to WI if I have to to get to shoot and learn along side you, should this be offered again in the future! Good to see you and other top photographers offer your time and talent to others. We all appreciate it.


  2. Posted 5 Jun ’13 at 12:17 pm | Permalink


    I do offer them now! Inquire via email!! :)

  3. Posted 5 Jun ’13 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    Really great set! I’ll have to consider doing this sometime; I could really use to shake up my creativity one of these days!

  4. Posted 6 Jun ’13 at 8:08 am | Permalink


    Thanks! Would love to have you! If you are interested and considering it, shoot me a message. If not, hopefully we can catch a beer sometime soon.


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