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ON WALL STREET MAGAZINE :: Editorial – Michael Greene


This past August Trevor and I travelled to Minneapolis to shoot the cover story for On Wall Street Magazine featuring Michael Greene, Senior Vice President of Ameriprise Financial Services. With a window of roughly one hour to tackle 4-5 various set-ups, we shot in and around the Ameriprise offices and even had a little time to explore the streets downtown. Aside from making the trip Minneapolis, we also shot an assignment in Milwaukee for the same client featuring Laura Thurow, Managing Director of Robert W. Baird & Co. Below are a handful of images from the shoot and a peak at how I shot the cover image of Michael Greene





One concept that was presented to us was an image of Michael writing a retirement “equation” on a white grease board or a glass surface. After a short time spent scouting the offices at Ameriprise, we found a glass wall leading into the cafeteria stairwell. My initial idea was to back-light Michael with my 47″ Octabox. Not yielding the results I envisioned, we simply closed the white hallway doors behind him, placed an Alienbee 800 behind him directly facing the doors and lit the shot using only that single strobe. The light was powerful enough (while shooting at an f/2.8 at ISO 400) to wrap around him nicely. Here’s a rough look at the set-up:


A few shots of Laura Thurow:





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    Wow! That guy is really skilled in writing backwards.

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